Metaverse Panel Discussion

Join the Global Industry Experts to Deep Dive into Metaverse Marketing The GIGS Metaverse Market Panel is presenting growth opportunities and strategies to win over millennial consumers who drive this market. Explore rapidly expanding business and investment opportunities in the Metaverse Space.

Metaverse Panel Discussion

Unravel How You Can Leverage the Incredible Metaverse Opportunity

Find out how top brands are leveraging the online metaverse to build brand awareness among their core demographic of 13 to 35-year olds.

Unlock the Next Big Metaverse Startup Fund and Investment Potential

Learn how you can gamify your engagement with younger influencer age groups to add a new revenue stream and attract global VC investments.

Use Custom Location, Personas, Device, Demographic & Behavioral Data

Learn how top brands are leveraging audience data, cookie data and demographic data to target millennials and Gen-Z audiences real-time.